Trusted Legal Guidance for Oklahoma City Clients Wishing to Establish Powers of Attorney

The law has changed regarding Powers of Attorney in Oklahoma. You need an attorney who knows the new law to ensure that your wishes will be carried out.

When it comes to protecting your future, putting some basic estate planning documents in place is essential. One such tool is a power of attorney document, which allows a trusted individual of your choosing to make important decisions and take actions on your behalf. There are several types of power of attorney, and, depending on your specific needs, your estate planning lawyer will help you explore your options. Doug Carel Attorney at Law will assess your estate planning goals and help you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Powers of Attorney in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, a power of attorney (POA) is a written legal document that authorizes an individual to act on your behalf. A POA gives you the chance to make your wishes known and to document your intentions, should you become unable to communicate them yourself. Depending on the type of POA you establish, it can remain in effect until you cancel it, it expires, or you pass away. Your estate planning lawyer can help you select a trusted individual to serve as the agent, as you’ll want to make sure that this person is prepared and committed to fulfill the responsibilities associated with the POA.

Types of POAs

There are two main types of POAs: Durable and Limited.

A durable power of attorney allows a trusted individual (called an “agent”) make important decisions and act on your behalf, even if you become incapacitated at some point. Typically, a durable power of attorney remains in effect until you decide to revoke it or until you pass away.

A limited power of attorney is much more narrow in scope. You may assign an agent to represent your best interests for one particular event, such as completing a real estate or business transaction, should you be unavailable to attend. A limited power of attorney is usually restricted to a specific period of time, expiring on a date of your choosing.

Whatever your specific needs may be, Doug Carel Attorney at Law is here to help you create an estate plan that’s customized to address your unique circumstances.

Ready to Assist You

Attorney Doug Carel is prepared to offer you trusted estate planning guidance that’s tailored to serve your needs. He will listen carefully to your goals and concerns, making sure to create a comprehensive estate plan that protects your future and your legacy. Whether you need a limited POA, or you would like to establish a durable POA to give you some peace of mind as you deal with an illness, our law firm is here to help. Reach out today to learn more about how a power of attorney document can allow you to rest easier about the future.

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