Experienced Family Law Attorney Assisting Oklahoma City Residents With Child Custody Matters

Divorce is a challenging time for a couple, especially when children are involved. Parents are concerned about how the separation will affect the future of their children. Negotiating child custody can seem like a daunting process, but having an experienced and compassionate family law attorney to help you navigate the terms of your divorce will give you the peace of mind you need. Doug Carel Attorney at Law provides comprehensive legal representation for couples and families who are going through a divorce. We can help you achieve a favorable child custody arrangement that provides the stability and support necessary for your children to thrive.

Understanding Oklahoma Child Custody Arrangements

As you think about your divorce goals, it is important to recognize the various child custody arrangements available under Oklahoma state law. Typically, if both parents are able to provide a safe and supportive environment for their children, the courts attempt to grant custody to both parents in some way. Having a positive relationship with each parent has been found to be beneficial to children, so the courts do what they can to encourage both parents to interact with their children as much as they can.

Parents who are granted joint custody share in all aspects of physical and legal care of their children, usually documented in a joint child custody plan. This plan articulates major decisions impacting the rearing of the children, and usually specifies which responsibilities will be assumed by which parent (as well as which duties will be shared by both parents). Additionally, a time-sharing schedule will be established, depending on the availability of each parent. While one parent may have more overall time with the children, both parents are actively involved in raising their children.

Sometimes, however, one parent is awarded sole custody of the children. This usually occurs when one parent cannot guarantee the welfare of the children, perhaps because of unsafe or unstable living conditions, substance abuse problems, or a history of physical violence. Through negotiation, a parent who has been denied custody may eventually receive reasonable visitation rights to remain active in the lives of their children.

Establishing a Bright Future for Your Children

Whatever your circumstances may be, family law attorney Doug Carel will work with you to understand your desired child custody arrangements. Together, we will create a clear strategy for helping you have as much time as possible nurturing and caring for your children. Whether you are working on the terms of your divorce, seeking a modification to an existing child custody arrangement, or simply have questions about a child custody matter, we are here to give you the clarity and reassurance you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your family.

When it comes to divorce, issues impacting your children are often the most difficult to navigate. Fortunately, Doug Carel Attorney at Law is here to help you negotiate child custody arrangements that put the well-being of your children first and foremost. We serve the Oklahoma City community with compassion and commitment. Contact our office today at (405) 692-8918 to schedule a free consultation with a trusted child custody and family law attorney.