Which courts can Doug Carel appear in?

Mr. Carel is licensed in all state Courts. He has represented people in numerous counties in the state of Oklahoma including, but certainly not limited to, Oklahoma County, Canadian County, Cleveland County, Grady County, McClain County, and Pottawatomie County. He has also appeared in many administrative Courts, such as child support cases and dealing with state government hearings. Mr. Carel is licensed in the federal Courts in the Eastern and Western Districts of Oklahoma.

Does Mr. Carel prefer mediation or litigation?

Doug holds no preference. He wants to resolve your case as quickly as possible and obtain the best result for you. Sometimes this can be accomplished through negotiation, sometimes through litigation.

Can Mr. Carel represent both my spouse and I in a family law case?

No. In an Oklahoma family law case, Mr. Carel can only serve as the attorney for one party. However, he can prepare agreed-upon family law and divorce documents, which can be signed by the other party.

Is it better to seek sole or joint custody of my child?

It depends. Mr. Carel will evaluate each case on its own facts and then attempt to accomplish what is best for the child in a child custody matter.

What should I do if I’ve been charged with a DUI?

Call Doug Carel as soon as possible! DUI cases are time sensitive and immediate action is required to ensure that you don’t lose your license or any of your rights.

What happens if someone dies without a will?

It depends, but in most cases the property will pass to his or her family pursuant to Oklahoma Law.

In addition to personal injury representation, do you also accept workers’ compensation cases?

No, but Doug is more than happy to refer you to a trusted local attorney who can meet your needs.

Do you charge a retainer fee?

In some cases, including family law cases, Doug charges a retainer fee. In other instances, such as personal injury cases, he does not charge a retainer. We can discuss any and all anticipated costs and fees when we meet to discuss your case.

How soon after being served with court documents do I have to respond?

Typically within 20 days. You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you have been served with court documents.

Can I represent myself in a case?

You can and you would be held to the same standards as an attorney if you do. However, this is rarely a wise course of conduct and you would be much better off retaining an experienced attorney.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Doug accepts client payments via check, cash, credit cards, and money orders.

How is administrative law different from civil litigation?

Most people are familiar with the process for handling a legal dispute between two private entities. We call this process civil litigation. When it comes to a legal dispute with a government agency, the process is a little different. Actually suing the government is, unsurprisingly, quite difficult. Instead, this process falls under administrative law, where a third-party administrative judge hears evidence from both sides and makes a ruling on whether to uphold or overturn the agency’s decision.

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