Oklahoma City is the capitol of the state of Oklahoma, as well as its largest city and county seat of Oklahoma County. It is nicknamed “OKC” and is the 27th most-populous city in the county with approximately 650,000 residents. Furthermore, it is the nation’s eighth largest city in total land area.

A Brief History

Before its annexation to the Union in 1907, the area now known as Oklahoma City was classified as “unassigned land” and open for settlement. Over 10,000 homesteaders flocked to the region around 1889 to grab their plots. Within ten years the population doubled. Once oil was discovered within city limits in 1928, the population continued to grow at an even faster pace.

Tornado Alley

OKC is firmly in the middle of what the media and storm chasers refer to as “tornado alley” or the “Great Plains tornado belt.” Since experts began keeping track of weather records, the city has been hit by 13 large tornados and many smaller ones. Two of those tornados ranked at F5 or EF5 on the Fujita and Enhanced Fujita scales, which is as high as each scale goes.

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