Successful Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Oklahoma City Clients Facing Drug Possession Charges

The state of Oklahoma severely penalizes people who are convicted of drug possession. We have some of the strictest drug possession laws in the U.S., and those who are found guilty of a drug possession crime face serious and devastating consequences. If you are facing drug possession charges, contact Doug Carel Attorney at Law as soon as you can. We will help you combat and seek to dismiss these charges so that you can move forward with your life.

Steep Consequences for Drug Possession Convictions

If you are found guilty of drug possession, you could face a range of severe penalties, including: jail or prison time, steep fines, a permanent criminal record, mandatory rehab, probation, or community service. Additionally, your criminal record will make it extremely difficult to land a job, qualify for a loan, obtain housing, or secure custody of your children. Each case is unique, so in order to have a clearer picture of how your case might proceed, contact our firm today. We will listen to all the details of your case and help you develop a clear strategy to fight, reduce, or dismiss these charges.

Different Types of Drug Possession Charges

The circumstances of each case are different. Depending on the type of drug you are accused of possessing, the consequences you face differ as well. A conviction of possessing marijuana and other Schedule III, IV, or V drugs carries less severe consequences than a conviction of a Schedule I or II substance, such as heroin or cocaine. For first-time offenders, a marijuana possession conviction is considered a misdemeanor, but a conviction for possession of a Schedule I or II drug is considered a felony.

Unlike other states, Oklahoma does not specify the amount of drugs needed to increase the charge from simple drug possession to possession with intent to distribute. This means that many prosecutors will immediately attempt to charge you with this harsher crime, and all they have to do is show that these drugs in your possession were not just for your personal use. The penalties for a possession with intent to distribute are much harsher, with a mandatory minimum prison sentence of two to five years, depending on whether the substance is a Schedule I, II, III, IV, or V.

Aggressive Legal Defense You Can Count On

Doug Carel Attorney at Law is here to vehemently defend your freedom and your rights. If you are facing drug possession charges in the Oklahoma City area, you need high-quality and dependable legal representation immediately. Don’t jeopardize your future by leaving it to chance. With our vast amount of criminal defense experience, you can trust that we will do everything we can to protect your present and future.

Doug Carel Attorney at Law aggressively defends the rights of Oklahoma City residents who have been charged with drug possession. The penalties for drug possession convictions can be severe, so contact our firm immediately at (405) 692-8918 for a free evaluation of your case.