Moore is a mid-sized city in the state of Oklahoma with approximately 60,000 residents. It is also Oklahoma’s 7th largest city and is considered a suburb of Oklahoma City, the state’s capitol. It is located between Oklahoma City and the town of Norman in the Sandstone Hills region, known for its hilly terrain and several native species of oak trees.

A Brief History

Moore was settled during the Land Run of the late 1880s when the area was still classified as unassigned territory. A post office was established there in 1889 and the town was officially incorporated in 1893. It is named for a man named Al Moore, who was one of its first residents and lived in a boxcar. He painted “Moore” on the boxcar in order to receive mail before the post office was built. When it was, the postman decided to continue to call the area by its makeshift moniker.

Tornado Central

Moore lies smack-dab in the middle of the county’s tornado alley and has been struck by numerous devastating tornadoes. Terrifyingly destructive tornadoes in 1999 and 2013 were bad enough to receive international news coverage. In fact, the city lies within the most tornado-prone areas in the world. Because of its humid subtropical climate, it often experiences hailstorms, flash flooding, and ice storms, as if the tornadoes weren’t enough to handle.

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