Accomplished Civil Litigation & Employment Law Attorney Serving Oklahoma City Clients

Doug Carel Attorney at Law has dealt with many aspects of civil litigation and represented both plaintiffs and defendants. At times, the best way to resolve a dispute is to settle outside of court. If Mr. Carel believes it may be advantageous to you, he will first attempt to use negotiation, mediation and/or arbitration to settle proceedings. Whether it be a property dispute, a breach of contract, wrongful termination, or some other issue, he can help you or your organization resolve your civil disputes.

Contract Issues

Many of the business litigation cases Doug has handled in both state and federal courts over the years pertain to contract disputes. He also frequently drafts contracts to ensure that the business relationships his clients enter into are clear and enforceable.

Surprisingly, there seem to be few Oklahoma lawyers with experience in this area. Most that do represent large businesses and do not provide personal service or a cost-effective result for the small business owner. Mr. Carel is proud to provide counsel to anyone who needs help, whether you are a solo entrepreneur or a well-established corporation.

Insurance Disputes

One area that Doug Carel truly enjoys is insurance law. It is, in many instances, akin to “David vs. Goliath.” Doug has interfaced with many insurance companies in Oklahoma injury cases, but also represented many people that have problems with their insurance companies. Whether your issue involves property, health, life, disability, or any other kind of insurance coverage, Doug Carel can help you. The little person can and often does, win against the big company with the proper representation, which he is eager to provide. Doug is here to ensure that you are treated fairly by whichever insurance company is party to your legal matter.

Small Business Matters

Small business owners in Oklahoma often contact Doug Carel Attorney at Law when they are involved in a court case and he has successfully represented many of them. However, if they had contacted Attorney Carel prior to the dispute, he could have helped them much more. Often, a simple contract would have prevented their court case from ever being filed. Alternatively, forming an Oklahoma corporation or LLC would have limited their personal exposure to liability.

As the proprietor of a small law firm, Doug understands that every dollar counts and he has helped many businesses save thousands of dollars over the years. Whether you are involved in a legal proceeding or just want some questions answered, he is happy to help. Mr. Carel has formed many businesses, handled numerous court cases, solved tax disputes, and helped businesses with many other professional issues.

Experienced Administrative Lawyer Helping Oklahoma City Clients Navigate Government Agencies

If you operate a business or are an independent professional, you probably rely on a license, permit, or ruling from a state agency in some aspect or another of your work. Dealing with government offices is difficult, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you want to appeal the decision of a government agency, you will need to do so in the context of an administrative hearing. Doug Carel Attorney at Law has extensive experience dealing with administrative law judges, both in person and on the phone. Mr. Carel will take the time to understand your case in order to make the best possible appeal for your cause, no matter what agency you are dealing with.

Doug Carel Attorney at Law helps clients in Moore, Oklahoma City, and throughout western Oklahoma with a wide array of civil litigation and employment law matters. Contact the office today at (405) 692-8918 to schedule a free consultation with a successful trial lawyer.