Dedicated Oklahoma City Attorney Providing Exceptional Juvenile Defense Services

As the parent of a child facing criminal charges in Oklahoma, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious about what lies ahead. While criminal consequences for minors tend to be less severe than those for adults, this process and the outcome can still affect your child and your family in several ways. If you need help navigating juvenile criminal charges, call Doug Carel, Attorney at Law, right away to discuss the situation with an experienced and compassionate juvenile criminal defense attorney.

Helping Families Navigate the Juvenile Justice System

In Oklahoma, juvenile crimes generally carry less severe consequences than adult crimes. The juvenile justice system prioritizes rehabilitation over punishment, seeking to connect young offenders with the support systems, tools, and resources they need to make better choices in the future. However, even consequences that are rehabilitative in nature can affect your child and your family in drastic and significant ways. Whether your child is facing charges involving underage drinking, DUI, drug crimes, theft, assault, or another criminal offense, you can trust that attorney Doug Carel will work hard to defend your child’s rights and protect their future.

Skilled and Compassionate Legal Representation

Attorney Doug Carel believes in working closely with each client to develop the most effective legal strategy aimed at securing a favorable outcome. He has a thorough understanding of the Oklahoma juvenile justice system, so you can trust that you and your child are in good hands when you work with him. Attorney Carel understands how facing juvenile criminal charges can cause overwhelming stress and anxiety to you and your family, and he’s committed to answering your questions, addressing your concerns, and guiding you through every step of the legal process. No matter what the specifics of your child’s case may be, he will fight hard to obtain the best possible outcome for your child so they can go on to enjoy a bright future. 

If your child is facing criminal charges in Oklahoma City, call Doug Carel Attorney at Law today at (405) 276-5863 to schedule a free consultation with a skilled juvenile defense lawyer.