Experienced Administrative Lawyer Helping Oklahoma City Clients Navigate Government Agencies

If you operate a business or are an independent professional, you probably rely on a license, permit, or ruling from a state agency in some aspect or another of your work. Dealing with government offices is difficult, and sometimes things don’t go as planned. If you want to appeal the decision of a government agency, you will need to do so in the context of an administrative hearing. Doug Carel Attorney at Law has extensive experience dealing with administrative law judges, both in person and on the phone. Mr. Carel will take the time to understand your case in order to make the best possible appeal for your cause, no matter what agency you are dealing with.


How is administrative law different from civil litigation?

Most people are familiar with the process for handling a legal dispute between two private entities. We call this process civil litigation. When it comes to a legal dispute with a government agency, the process is a little different. Actually suing the government is, unsurprisingly, quite difficult. Instead, this process falls under administrative law, where a third-party administrative judge hears evidence from both sides and makes a ruling on whether to uphold or overturn the agency’s decision.

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