Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney Defending the Rights of Oklahoma City & Western Oklahoma Clients

Doug Carel Attorney at Law can assist with any criminal law issue you may be facing, whether it be driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUIs), drug possession, fraud, assault & battery, theft, or any other type of crime. Oklahoma DUIs are a common offense, but they must be taken seriously.

Mr. Carel has many years of experience in state and federal Court on a wide range of criminal issues. From working out a plea agreement to a complex jury trial, he is ready to assist you with his extensive knowledge and personal service. In addition, he is associated with other experienced criminal law attorneys in his Oklahoma City office and, as such, can provide a competent legal team to handle even the most complicated criminal charges. Whether you are facing a first offense, or multiple offenses, or want an expungement, he can help you. Attorney Carel also accepts juvenile defense cases.

Oklahoma Felonies

A felony is obviously a serious legal matter. It involves crimes that are typically punishable by more than one year in prison. Whether it be a violent crime, sex crime, drug charge, DUI, embezzlement, or any other felony charge, Doug is here to help. Doug Carel will personally appear at your hearings and keep you notified of all developments in your case. He will not hand your case off to a lesser experienced attorney as most larger firms would. He will take you every step of the way through the process and fight to obtain the best result for you.


A misdemeanor is a crime typically punishable by less than one year in prison. Nevertheless, it is often a  grim matter. Attorney Doug Carel has years of experience dealing with all types of misdemeanors, including assault and battery, domestic crimes, DUIs, counterfeit checks, and many other different crimes. He represents people in state, federal, and administrative courts. Your case will not be given to a less experienced attorney; it will be handled by Mr. Carel personally.

Juvenile Crimes

In Oklahoma, juvenile crimes generally carry less severe consequences than adult crimes. However, even consequences that are rehabilitative in nature can affect your child and your family in drastic and significant ways. Whether your child is facing charges involving underage drinking, DUI, drug crimes, theft, assault, or another criminal offense, you can trust that attorney Doug Carel will work hard to defend your child’s rights and protect their future.

Comprehensive Support

In addition to the above services, Doug is also associated with attorneys who excel in all areas of criminal law. If your case goes to trial, it is often beneficial to have more than one attorney on your case. Doug’s office in South Oklahoma City has access to former district attorneys, DUI experts, and all of the necessary resources to provide you with the representation and skills you need.


Doug Carel Attorney at Law represents criminal defense clients in Moore, Oklahoma City, and throughout western Oklahoma. If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, contact Mr. Carel’s office today at (405) 692-8918 to schedule a free consultation with a formidable criminal defense lawyer with a proven record of success.