Wills & Probate

Making a Will is one of the most important things you will do in your lifetime.  It is essential in making sure your loved ones are looked after once you pass away.  Although talking about the disposition of your assets and end of life care are often sensitive and uncomfortable topics, seeking an attorney’s advice in these areas can ensure that your final wishes are respected.  I can provide you with services in the area of estate planning, including living and testamentary Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts.

I can also help you with probate matters.  Probate is usually required because third parties, such as financial institutions or land titles offices, are unwilling to rely on a Will unless the Court has confirmed its validity.  Where there is no Will, an application to the Court for Letters of Administration may be required to appoint an administrator to handle the estate.  Carrying out the tasks involved in an estate can be overwhelming, confusing and challenging, especially for those already dealing with the loss of a loved one.  Whether you live in Oklahoma or out of state, let me assist you in the administration of an Oklahoma estate in a timely and efficient manner.  I have completed probate cases in numerous counties across the state of Oklahoma, and have the experience you need to get through the stress of dealing with the estate of a loved one. 

Doug Can Assist You With:

Powers of Attorney

Wills and Trusts