Frequently Asked Questions

I have been a practicing lawyer in South Oklahoma City for over 20 years - since September of 1994. 

I practice in quite a few areas of law including, but not limited to, family law, criminal law, civil law, personal injury, bankruptcy, Wills and probate.  I practice at both state and federal levels. 

I am licensed in all state Courts.  I have represented people in numerous counties in the state of Oklahoma including, but certainly not limited to, Oklahoma County, Canadian County, Cleveland County, Grady County, McClain County and Pottawatomie County.  I have also appeared in many administrative Courts, such as child support cases and dealing with state government hearings.  I am also licensed in the federal Courts in the Eastern and Western Districts of Oklahoma.  

I will.  Your case will not be given to another attorney.  I will appear at all of your Court hearings and attorney meetings.  My paralegal, Brenda Weyrich, does assist me in preparing your paperwork and getting your case ready for Court.  There are times when she will solely assist you with basic questions, document signing and other such issues.  However, all legal services will be provided by me.

There may be instances when I will refer you to another attorney in my office.  At times I may suggest that more than one attorney handle your case, if I feel it is in your best interest.  But the vast majority of my clients are represented by me alone.  This allows me to give you the personal service that I would want if our roles were reversed.

I have my own law practice, however, I do office with numerous other attorneys who practice in various areas.  If you have a legal issue that I do not have expertise in, chances are that another attorney in my office will be able to assist you.

Hiring an attorney can be expensive.  However, often times I can help you with a quick and inexpensive solution to your problem.  There are also some instances in which my fee is paid entirely out of your recovery.  Contact me to find out what I can do for you.

In many cases, including family law cases, I charge a retainer fee.  In other instances, such as personal injury cases, I do not charge a retainer.

I do offer a free initial consultation.

Check, cash, credit cards, money orders.

There are things you can do, varying with each individual case, that will help keep your costs at a minimum.  I will let you know what you can do to reduce your costs when I speak with you.

Call my office at (405) 692-8918, or e-mail me at, or my assistant, Brenda, at  

Call me as soon as possible!  DUI cases are time sensitive, and immediate action is required to ensure that you don't lose any of your rights.

I have no preference.  I want to resolve your case as quickly as possible and obtain the best result for you.  Sometimes this can be accomplished through negotiation, sometimes through litigation.

Most cases take approximately one year.  Some are much quicker, and some are much slower to resolve.  Each case is different.

Absolutely.  You will be contacted each time a significant event occurs in your case.  You are also welcomed to contact us for updates at any time.

It depends, but in most cases the property will pass to his family pursuant to Oklahoma Law.

No.  In an Oklahoma family law case, I can only serve as the attorney for one party.  However, I can prepare agreed family law and divorce documents, which can be signed by the other party.

I represent both men and women in divorce, child custody, family law and many other matters.  I have equal experience with both.

I am.  I offer Guardian-Ad-Litem services in family law child custody cases.

I do.  The law has changed in this area over the years.  It is important to hire an attorney that is well versed in Oklahoma family law cases.

It depends.  I evaluate each case on its own facts.  I try to accomplish what is best for the child in a child custody matter.

Typically 20 days.  You need to contact a lawyer as soon as possible after you have been served with Court documents.

You can.  You are held to the same standards as an attorney if you do.  This is rarely a wise course of conduct.

I do not.  However, I can refer you to outstanding attorneys that do.

Call my office or send us an e-mail.  Tel: (405) 692-8918.  E-mail: or